Kaching!  It looks like she still loves you! :D

Of course, quizzes can sometimes be wrong, but there is incredibly strong evidence that she really is still in love with you.  Now you just have to approach her the right way in order to get her back.

The thing is, since you two just went through a break up, chances are she's pretty hurt.  Especially if you were the one who broke up in the first place or if you were messing around with some other woman.  You're going to have to show her that you want to make up in a way that will placate her emotions and make her feel that your relationship will be much stronger and more committed this time around.

That's kinda hard for a lot of guys.  Women are so different from men emotionally and in the way they think that often when a guy tries to make up he can end up making things worse-- even if she's hoping to get back together too.

So you really need to have a solid plan and know exactly what you're doing if you want to win her back and keep her. 
That's why I've emailed you a copy of "Reunite Tonight."  It's something I've written up that's jam packed with information about getting back together with your ex, and best of all, it's waiting in your inbox right now, so make sure you look for it.  If you don't see it, take a look in your spam folder.  Often free email services like Yahoo or Hotmail will just put newsletters and the like there.  And make sure to whitelist the email: savethisrelationship@gmail.com.  You can do that by adding it to your contact list.