Whoa!  It looks like she hates your guts!

The truth is, that's not such a bad thing.  Now keep in mind that quizzes can never be 100% accurate.  If you scored close to 330, it could be that she does still love you, but she's just really mad at you. 

But in either case, whether she hates you with a passion, or does love you but is furious as heck, you stand a really good chance of getting her back.  You see, hate and anger are both very strong emotions.  And they're actually much closer to love than a lot of people realize.  Most people think that the opposite of love is hate, but really they're making a big mistake. 

Love is a tremendously strong and powerful emotion.  So is hate, so is anger.  Which is why it's so easy for love to turn into anger or hate when things go wrong in the relationship.  But the real opposite of love is complete and total indifference.  And when that happens, getting back together really is almost impossible.

If you do want to win back her love then you must act now.  You don't want those strong emotions she's feeling now to fizzle away leaving her indifferent to you.  That will make it so much harder to get back together.

But don't worry.  I've emailed you a copy of "Reunite Tonight."  It's something I've written up that's jam packed with information about getting back together with your ex, and best of all, it's waiting in your inbox right now, so make sure you look for it.  If you don't see it, take a look in your spam folder.  Often free email services like Yahoo or Hotmail will just put newsletters and the like there.  And make sure to whitelist the email: savethisrelationship@gmail.com.  You can do that by adding it to your contact list.