Alright ladies, here's your quiz.  Choose the best answer and tally your points.

1.  Who was the one who broke up?

- you (30)
- him (20)
- mutual agreement (10)

2.  Was there any cheating?

- no (30)
- I cheated (20)
- he cheated (10)

3.  How long had you been together?

- a month or less (10)
- 1-6 months (20)
- more than 6 months (30)

4.  Commitment level

- Just dating (10)
- We were living together (30)
- We were engaged (40)
- We were married! (50)

5.  How did you get along?

- beautifully, we rarely had disagreements (25)
- mostly we argued (5)
- fiery passion... and red hot fights (30)

6.  Is this your first break up?

- yes (30)
- no, we've split like this before (20)
- we often had little "break ups, but this is the first time it's this
bad (10)

7.  How soon into your relationship did you have sex?

- not yet (0)
- first date (10)
- it was a while because we were just friends first, and then things started to get more serious (45)
-a couple weeks after we started dating (20)

8. When you were pushing for comitment he

- agreed (30)
- pushed away the subject (20)
- said no, we're just having fun (0)

9.  How does he respond to your calls?

- he just hangs up (10)
- he curses me out (20)
- he doesn't answer (10)
- he'll speak to me a little but just ends up getting annoyed (30)

10. Do you see him around at all?

- we work at the same office/ are in class together, but when he sees me he glares at me and walks away (10)
- never (20)
- not so often but if we do he speaks to me like there was never anything between us (15)
- everywhere I go.  It's weird. (40)

11. Has he kept mementos from your relationship?

- yes, he still has some pictures and love letters (30)
- he threw everything out(20)
- no, he sent me a box of my stuff, but kept the playstation I'd given him (10)

12.  Has he tried to get revenge?

- no.  He just seems to have moved on. (10)
- besides posting naked pics of me at work/school, spreading lies about me, and drowning my cat? (20)
- he tries to embarrass me if we happen to meet, but he doesn't go out of his way to make life miserable for me (30)

13.  Does he sulk a lot now that you've broken up?

- yeah, he walks around really moody and he's drinking more (35)
- not really, but he does seem quieter than usual (20)
- no.  He actually seems a lot happier than when we were together. (10)

14.  Is he seeing anyone else?

- the woman he left me for (10)
- he hasn't dated at all since the break up (30)
- he's been with 6 women in the month since we broke up (25)
- he's started going out again, but normally. (20)

Now add up your points and see where things stand...

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You'll find out how he feels about you, what your chances of reunion are, and how (and if) you can make it happen.